Erik Grau
Vealand (detail)
tar paper, spray paint, wall paint
Vealand depicts on the raising of veal calves, where infant cows are chained in wood crates in order to restrict their movement resulting in a more tender meat. In an attempt to reveal qualities present in a veal factory farm, I have reduced the work to focus on the three elements I view as inherent to the process of calf production; scale, repetition, and the idea of confinement. These elements are present within the sheds the animals are raised in. I used the veal crate as a starting point and have further reduced the sculptures from there in an attempt to show factory farming’s minimalist structure. Each sculpture also works to show the vast scale on which factory farming operates, and the repetition of the animals in their crates. The work is vibrantly colored in an attempt to create a child-like feeling, which draws attention to the fact that veal calves raised and slaughtered are in fact children themselves. My color choices are derived from objects of youth such as crayon and marker sets in addition to board games, in particular Candyland.
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